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God’s Blueprint for Nations: The KNIGHTS are Rising to SAVE AMERICA and the NATIONS OF THE WORLD

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We are being called right now to restore and rescue our great Nation.

The moral decay that surrounds us, at the hands of those who would attempt to destroy the very nation we love, has brought us to a very dangerous destination, a place of no return if we don’t stand up and take action NOW!

A rewriting of our great American experiment has been underway for a hundred years! It has been well-crafted by people under the influence of a globalist one worldview. It places your individual freedoms at the mercy of a ruling class with a one worldview.

When Hitler rose to power, he removed any voice contrary to his, so he could start to systematically remove anything in opposition to him and reeducate the populous in his image for Germany. He began to burn all the books and to rewrite history. Why? Because he only wanted one voice, His. 

The books are burning in America right now. 

The voice of the one worldview and the antichrist spirit has risen to be the predominant agenda of those who would attempt to overthrow our nation and freedoms.

We are in a war right now for our nation’s soul and the freedoms afforded to us by the sacrifice of previous generations. The globalists are attempting to remove everything you take for granted as an American. Your freedoms and the future of your generations are in the balance right now, and if we don’t stand up now, we could lose our precious nation.

In this book, you will discover:

  • How the church’s disengagement from the places of influence has allowed darkness to come in and what we can do about it now.
  • The three things that are needed to shift a culture and how you can be part of this shift.
  • Jesus  taught us to be wise as serpents but harmless as doves; it’s time for us to be covert and wait on his timing and use the serpent’s style of cunningness, sagacity and shrewdness to move into the world and go unnoticed so we can bring change. 
  • Why we need to gain national influence deliberately again as believers in order to bring national reform.
  • The Father’s secret weapon is YOU and how you are being prepared for battle.
  • Why it’s imperative that we must restore our broken foundation and develop unity in the body of Christ and all who believe in America.

Dante Alighieri said, “The hottest fires of hell are reserved for those who remain neutral in times of moral crisis.” There is no neutrality. We cannot afford to be neutral any longer.

The greatest sin is to do nothing because you can only do little.  If you’re ready to take our nation back, Click the BUY NOW button and let’s get started.

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God’s Blueprint for Nations: The KNIGHTS are Rising to SAVE AMERICA and the NATIONS OF THE WORLD


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